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Jewelry Manufacturing Services

The jewelry manufacturing experts of New York

We have a wide range of jewelry manufacturing services. From CAD design to e-coating, we cover every step in the process. No one else in New York offers the range of services that we do with such a quick turnaround and fair pricing.

1. CAD design and print

The first step in the process is to make the design. We accomplish this through CAD technology, which stands for Computer-Aided Design. Making use of the latest technology in computer design, we are able to craft jewelry to meet your exact specifications. 

2. Wax carving

The next step is to take the virtual design and make it into a real one. We achieve this by creating a wax replica of the piece. This allows us to have a visual representation of how the jewelry will look, and is also an important tool for the next steps in the process.

3. Mold making

Using the model we have just created, we may now make a mold. The mold is the tool necessary to reproduce your design. At our facility, we make molds using Castaldo (R) materials. Our capabilities include making Silicon molds, Vulcanized rubber molds, and CAD Clear molds. Working with this premium mold making material will ensure your mold's logevity, and casting perfection for the finished product.

4. Casting

With a custom mold now created, we are ready to take your order and cast your piece. Using a passage feed called the sprue, we are able to introduce the liquid metal of your choice to your piece. Once the metal cools, we open the flask and the casting is ready. We must then wash and cut the sprue from the rest of the casted tree, leaving us with your casting design. 

5. Sprue removal & tumble

At this point, your casting can enter the stages of finishing. Removal of sprue is the first step. With micro files and other flexible shaft tools, our jewelers are masters at erasing the sprue, with no indication that it was ever there. Even on pieces that have continuous design, we can replicate the design after removing the sprue, leaving no trace of the sprue. Tumble finishing will prepare your jewelry for polishing. The magnetic tumbler's stainless steel shots abrade the metal, removing any roughness of the surface that is a part of the natural casting process. So clients that have organic, natual looking pieces, feel a tumble finish is all that is necessary to give their designs a slight shine, without removing fine details and texture which may be done in polishing. 

6. Assembly

Our experienced jewelers are capable of soldering, and creating working parts such as hinges, clasps and unique closures. Our capabilities in this department include soldering posts and jump rings, peening rivets, and assembling necklaces, bracelets, and other unique items. 

7. Stone setting

Based on your input and requirements, we will set a stone of your choice using any one of our multiple stone setting techniques. Our techniques include prong setting, burnish (flush) setting, channel setting, pave setting, semi-bezel setting, and full-bezel setting. We ask that you supply your own stones, so you know the quality and size of the stones that you are providing to be set into your jewelry design.

8. Polish

Our skilled hand polishers then give your jewelry a nice smooth finish to your liking. We offer varying types of polishing, including Light buff, Buff, Satin (Matte) polished, and High (Shiny) polished.

9. Electroplating/E-coating

While the process is a little complex to describe in detail, this final optional stage in the manufacturing process involves coating your designs with a precious metal of your choice. Electroplating uses an electric current to add a layer of precious metal to your piece, which may be gold (with your choice of karat), rose gold plating, rhodium (regular white or black rhodium), or silver plating. We have the capability to electroplate 3 Microns of gold to your designs. 
E-coating is a service using brand new technology to this industry. We are proud to offer this service here because of its beneficial nature. In a process similar to Electroplating, an electric current forces Microns of nano-ceramic particles to form a layer of transparency which serves as a shield for your designs. You may use this E-coating on top of base metals and silver metal to prevent tarnishing and small scratches from developing. This is a great problem solving step to enhance the longevity of sample pieces that you can show to many people, and have no fear that you'll be showing a quality polished piece every time, because the E-coating preserves the high shine polish. Ask our experts about the process - we will gladly help you choose the method right for your piece.

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