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Fine Quality Metals

New York loves our precious metals!

Frank Billanti Casting Company makes use of the finest quality base and precious metals, which are recycled and manufactured in the USA. With our state of the art manufacturing melters, high-grade manufacturing machines and supplies, and skilled workstaff, we are able to produce high quality work at a very fast turnaround time.

Base metals

three bronze bracelets
Base metals offer an economical advantage for clients wishing to cast with us. That's not to say they are of low quality! These metals differ simply because they are found more abundantly throughout the world, and therefore are not considered "precious." We make use of only the finest brass and bronze metals to ensure your jewelry will last for decades. Choose from one of our five base metals: brass, red brass, bronze, white bronze and antique bronze. 
  • Brass: Bright yellow color, gold resemblance, & high malleability
  • Red Brass: Red-yellow in color & copper based brass
  • Bronze: Reddish brown color & corrosion Resistant
  • White Bronze: Grayer than silver
  • Antique Bronze: Earthy golden color

Precious metals

antique gold jewelry set
Precious metals are among the rarest elements on earth, which makes them more valuable. But that's not the only reason. Precious metals won't oxidize as quickly as a base metal might, meaning the additional cost you pay now acts as an investment for the longevity of the castings. Choose from one of our three precious metals: silver, gold and platinum. All of them offer you the top level of metal quality and the worldwide recognition that your design is composed of precious metal. You can find a list of the many varieties of these 3 metals that are casted here. And see attached photos for references of each metal color, and the types of polishes available to these metals.
  • Regular Silver: Sterling Silver .925
  • Deoxidized Silver: White, high tarnish resistance, fire-scale resistant .925
  • Special Silver (#57): With Germanium, fire-scale free, & ultra white Tiffany quality .925
  • Yellow Silver: Soft yellow color silver
  • Pink Silver: Soft pink color silver
  • Silvadium: 6.5% Palladium based silver, more dense than other premium silvers, fire-scale free .925
  • Platinet: 6.5% Platinum based silver, most dense than other premium silvers & fire-scale free .925
10K White             
10K Yellow     
10K Rose           
10K Green   
14K White
14K Yellow
14K Rose
14K Green
18K White
18K Yellow
18K Rose
18K Green
22K Yellow

950 Platinum: A blend of 95% platinum and 5% alloy metals, per industry standard

Searching for casting expertise from abroad? We're proud to offer worldwide shipping and service. Call us to learn more!

MJSA Professional Excellence in Jewelry Making and Design

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We are a proud member of the Manufacturing Jewelers and Suppliers of America. Not only a display of our commitment to excellence, our membership is advantageous for you as well. You can be guaranteed that we are among an elite group of jewelry manufacturers who are up to date on the latest trends, techniques and tricks. To learn more about the MJSA and to better understand their benefits and guidelines, click here.

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